left handed knitting and crocheting adventures
Wednesday November 28,2007
 Hello I know it has been a looooong time since I last blogged. I am so sorry it has just been really hecktic with school planning and getting married, raising a kid you know how life seems to make its own plans.. Anyway After much thinking I have Froged the blanket I was making and am now making one I really enjoy. It is the "Sweethearts" blanket by fiber trends. I am also making a podcast and I will see about putting it up on the site. I hope everyone is well I am so sorry that this post is short but I promise to try and post more often! I will talk to you later!

Saturday June 23, 2007
Hello just thought that I would let you know that I am still alive. I am still working on the crocheted shawl I plan to have it done hopefully next week. I had ceased working on the knitted scarf as I have a deadline with the shawl. I also have to make a beret by July 27. I really hope that I get it done. I most likely will since I am sorry to say that crocheting is faster. I would love to knit it but I do not have time to make a knitted one right now. I will knit a shawl when I have time. But for right now I am crocheting. Wish me luck and I hope things are well!

Thursday June 7, 2007
I have joined the knitting help harry potter kal (knitalong). I am very excited and I am currently working on a shawl pattern and a scarf. If anyone wants the pattern for the shawl (sadly not harry potter related)let me know. Anyway I am going to add this because I like it and yes I have permission.
ein Bild

Haha you dont have one. Just kidding I think it is really cool. Anyway talk to you later and hope things are well!

Friday June 1, 2007
I had quite a suprize today well for one I find out that I can knit cables. I was really afraid to learn how to do them because I thought that they were hard but I finally just sat down and followed the instructions in Debbie Stroller's stitch n' bitch book. Yay for me!
Another thing that was suprising was that my boyfriend told me that I could not get anymore yarn and that he wouldn't buy me anymore until I finished a project. GASP!! I knit how do you expect me to survive *looks around room finds a ball of yarn and picks it up and starts to pat it* "My precious noo do not go away!!! I will miss you!!" Anyone have any suggestions on how to deal with this? Anyway I better go to bed.. Talk to you later and hope things are well!
Added later: Does anyone know how to do a yrn( yarn around needle)???

Monday May 28, 2007
Yes I know it has been a loooong time since I last posted.. I am still working on all of my wips. I have been busy cleaning and I ran across some yarn and I am thinking of starting another project. This time it is a shawl.
Now I know what you are saying..Something along the lines of "finish one project before going onto the next one" well I am sorry that I have a short attention span.. My friends tell me that I have the attention span of a goldfish but you know at least I am doing something that I enjoy and besides having a baby...well lets just say that the baby comes first and I do not have allot of time to knit anyway. So I just thought that I would let you know that I am still alive I have to go before my baby wakes up anyway. Hope things are well!

Thursday April 19, 2007
For the past few days I have been working on a sock with * gasp* dpn's. Yes I said dpn's. I finally went to the lcs(local craft store) and bought some to see if I liked them or even if I could use them. Anyway I got a sock done and showed my mom. Her reply was "it looks like a triangle". Well mom it is not a triangle it is a sock. It might not be very good but it is still a sock. During my little dpn adventure I discovered that 1). I like dpn's 2) I can use them 3) they are not as scary as they seem and 4) yes I can knit a sock on dpn's.
I have also started another baby blanket..now I know what you are going to say " another baby blanket? Can't you finish one project at a time or work on one project at a time?" and my reply would be " No I honestly think when it comes to knitting I have a short attention span and will get the project done but I will start another one(or many) while working on the project." For example I am working on 2 baby blankets and 1 scarf all at the same time or at least I work on them individually but I choose which one I want to work on. Is anyone else like that???
Anyway I had someone email me for my baby blanket pattern that I designed if anyone else wants it just let me know.. My email is aylaashantie@yahoo.com
Let me know if anyone gets to knitting it how it turns out, if you like it ect.. I just went on a whim when I designed this pattern. I was sick and tired of looking at blankets and they were not big enough. I don't know about other people but I like my baby blankets somewhat big so that when they are a child they can still use them. Even if it is for a baby doll or whatever else pops into their head. I just hope that they do not destroy it and want me to make another one...Anyway I better get going I have to take care of baby and at some point *shudder* clean and do laundry. Hope things are well with everyone!

Thursday April 12,2007
Hello just wanted to let everyone know that I had my beautiful baby girl on Sunday April 8 at 9:22 at night. I will post pictures or a picture when I get them..Now off to the wonderful world of taking care of my baby!!

Friday April 6, 2007

I know that I just wrote in the blog once today but I got to thinking about maybe posting lessons. I already have a page set up for both. Now if only my beloved would get here so I can figure out how I want to do this.. I was thinking photos with explanations.

I showed my mom what I have so far and she likes the site. Yay! Finally something that I can do and not curse my brains out or sit for hours and try to figure it out. Like For example socks ( Shudder). I do not know about the rest of you people out there but I absolutely am afraid of dpn's( double pointed needles) I dunno why maybe it is because I am afraid of loosing all of my hard work if the needle were to slip out.

Anyway so I sat for hours trying to make a sock on 1 circular needle. I did manage it but it is my first sock and it looks horrid... I might just have to bite the bullet (so to speak) and learn how to use dpn's. *shakes fist at dpn's* you better be nice! I do not even have any dpn's but still they had better be nice to me. So here I am thinking about what I should do next.. I think I will work on a baby blanket that I started along time ago. I am only 4 inches into it. Yeah I know what some people are going to say "bad knitter why only 4 inches?" my response is " at lest I have some done it is better then none at all".

Anyway I just got to grit my teeth and sit and knit.. I told my fiance that I should be more like the yarn harlot(if you have no idea who she is go to the links page) and just sit and knit when I have the time. Well right now because I am not working as much and am not going to school currently I have LOTS of time. I think I will sit and knit until my hand hurts which is what I normally do and then I rest. When I made my first scarf (I still have it and will post a picture of it too when I learn) it took me only 2 weeks to finish. Color changes and all. How many people can you say can do that??

Anyway I should probably stop ranting and get to knitting (or crocheting because I also have a blanket to crochet as well). I hope the people I sent emails to let them know I have a website actually come and visit. That would totally be cool! Anyway before I get more off track (or forget or like a 2 year old get distracted by something else) I will now go and knit (or crochet) wish me luck!

Friday April 6, 2007

Welcome one and all to the left handed knitting and crocheting blog! I know what you are thinking how can someone create a blog for left handed knitters or crocheters? Well I was fed up with trying to find anything craft related and then having to learn it "not by the book" because of my well...unique dominate handedness.

Not very many of us are left handed (which means that the people who are left handed have it very hard when they want to learn anything especially something like crochet or knitting because all the patterns are written for right handed people). No offense to right handers you just have it allot easier then us left handed people.

Anyway I created this blog in other to help all the left handed people out there. Now enough of my ranting about why I created the blog and now on to (probably) more important things like for you to get to know me. Well for a name you can call me Ayla and I am 21 and currently getting ready to have my first child sometime this month (yay)! It is "supposedly" going to be a girl but as you get to know me more you will discover(maybe) that I do not like hospitals and do not trust ultrasound's. Maybe I will tell you the whole story later but not right now. Anyway I started learning how to knit when I was 19. I looked at books of all shapes and sizes. I even looked on the Internet thinking that I could find something for learning to knit totally left handed. Did I find anything you ask? Of course not.

All the books and websites I looked at wanted the left handed person to learn continental knitting. Now I have no problem with people learning to knit this way but it just didn't work for me because I will admit I tried and am still trying. Although I have no idea why I am still trying to knit right handed when I have clearly found a knitting style (although it might be weird) it works for me.

That is the important thing. Use what works for you! Lets try and not get too off track now anyway I had to basically teach myself how to knit and even though I still try and find left handed knitting sites none of them have what I want. Now with crochet I recently was taught last year. Although I have not been crocheting long. I think it has only been like 6 months. Now with crochet I had my loverly soul sister's mom (who is right handed but also very patient) teach me the foundation chain and the single crochet.

My mom is teaching me the rest. But I can remember a time when I tried to learn when I was little and with my mom being right handed and me left she got frustrated and couldn't reverse what she was doing to show me what to do. If she had just hung in there and let me figure it out..anyway I finally learned how to crochet.

Now this might be my opinion but if you learn knitting and then crochet there are allot of things that they BOTH have in common. There are also pros and cons to each craft.I do not care what other people think. People keep telling me that knitting and crochet are different and while this is true why can't knitters and crocheters just get along and be friends instead of ravenous wolves biting each others heads??

Anyway my fiance says he is going to teach me how to use a digital camera (I am so not into digital I have been taking traditional photo for years..but I do understand that digital does have it's advantages I just never got around to learning how to use one) getting back on track here after I learn how to use a digital camera I was thinking of posting the works in progress(wip's)so you can see what I have done/ what I am working on.

Anyway I might as well stop ranting and raving and hopefully go back to sleep.. (yeah right) sleep you ask? Well here where I live it is currently 4:43 in the morning now I know what you are thinking how in the world can you be up that early in the morning. Well to be honest my fiance/ partner whatever you want to call him at this point as we are not married yet but we are living together and boyfriend and girlfriend anyway he goes to work way early in the morning on Friday's and when he is up I (unfortunately)sometimes am up as well but I always somehow manage to go to sleep sometimes.Anyway again for the third time getting back on track I am hopefully going to go to bed or at least rest..Please let me know what you think (right hander's are welsome here to I am not saying you can't be here at my blog not at all you are more then welcome to be here) anyway hope things are going well in everyone's life and hope you enjoy the blog!!

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